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Cours et exercices corrigés en C++ language

C++ language : Liste des cours et poblèmes

C++ Class Member Functions

Like any other variable, a member function of a class operates on any object of the class to which it belongs and has access to all members of the class for that object. Lire la suite

Functions in C++

Functions consist of instructions that take inputs, perform specific calculations, and produce outputs. Function declarations provide information about the name, return type, and parameters... Lire la suite

Constructors and destructor of a class in C++

As a special member function of the class, a constructor is a function that initializes an object when it is created. In C++, the constructor is called automatically when an object... Lire la suite

Access specifiers in C++

A key feature of object-oriented programming is data hiding, which prevents a program's functions from directly accessing the internal representation of a class. Within the class body,... Lire la suite

Classes and Objects in C++

Object-oriented programming centers on the creation of classes, which provide a general framework for organizing computations in a program, where objects are merely instances of classes. Lire la suite

Lambda functions in C++

The C++ language supports unnamed functions (lambda functions). In fact, such an object can be assigned to a variable, and the variable can then be invoked as if it were a function. Lire la suite