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Introduction to operating systems

Software that manages the hardware of a computer is known as an operating system. Additionally, it serves as an intermediary between the user and the computer hardware, providing a... Read more

Constraints in SQL

Constraints allow you to limit the type of data to insert into a table. These constraints can be specified when creating the table using the CREATE TABLE statement, or after creating... Read more

SQL data types

Data types represent a kind of data that can be stored in the database. The data type is the set of representable values. It is also known as an attribute that specifies a data type... Read more

SQL Operators

An operator is a reserved word or character used primarily in the WHERE clause of an SQL statement to perform operations, such as comparisons and arithmetic operations. These operators... Read more

Structure of a relational database

A table is a set of data relating to the same entity. It is structured in the form of a table. A table can also be called a relation (it contains the data which are in relation to... Read more

Introduction to database

A coherent computer system of information likely to be used simultaneously by several people. In fact, a database is a collection of files shared by several users. It is therefore... Read more

Introduction to SQL

SQL is a language for operating databases; it includes creating, deleting, extracting lines, modifying lines, etc. databases. SQL is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)... Read more