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Solved Courses and exercises in Programming languages - Développement Informatique

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Programming languages : List of courses and problems

C++ Class Member Functions

Like any other variable, a member function of a class operates on any object of the class to which it belongs and has access to all members of the class for that object. Read more

Functions in C++

Functions consist of instructions that take inputs, perform specific calculations, and produce outputs. Function declarations provide information about the name, return type, and parameters... Read more

Constructors and destructor of a class in C++

As a special member function of the class, a constructor is a function that initializes an object when it is created. In C++, the constructor is called automatically when an object... Read more

Access specifiers in C++

A key feature of object-oriented programming is data hiding, which prevents a program's functions from directly accessing the internal representation of a class. Within the class body,... Read more

Classes and Objects in C++

Object-oriented programming centers on the creation of classes, which provide a general framework for organizing computations in a program, where objects are merely instances of classes. Read more

Lambda functions in C++

The C++ language supports unnamed functions (lambda functions). In fact, such an object can be assigned to a variable, and the variable can then be invoked as if it were a function. Read more