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Solved Courses and exercises in Database management - Développement Informatique

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Database management : List of courses and problems

Constraints in SQL

Constraints allow you to limit the type of data to insert into a table. These constraints can be specified when creating the table using the CREATE TABLE statement, or after creating... Read more

SQL data types

Data types represent a kind of data that can be stored in the database. The data type is the set of representable values. It is also known as an attribute that specifies a data type... Read more

SQL Operators

An operator is a reserved word or character used primarily in the WHERE clause of an SQL statement to perform operations, such as comparisons and arithmetic operations. These operators... Read more

Structure of a relational database

A table is a set of data relating to the same entity. It is structured in the form of a table. A table can also be called a relation (it contains the data which are in relation to... Read more

Introduction to database

A coherent computer system of information likely to be used simultaneously by several people. In fact, a database is a collection of files shared by several users. It is therefore... Read more

Introduction to SQL

SQL is a language for operating databases; it includes creating, deleting, extracting lines, modifying lines, etc. databases. SQL is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)... Read more